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Miss Hong Kong 2007 Review July 31, 2007

It seems like there has been more controversy over this years’ MHK than ever. I’ve watched the show and read like a dozen reviews on it, so I decided to add a little of my 2 cents. Just to clarify, the below are strictly my opinions and are in no way written to purposely offend anyone. With that said, here we go….

MsHK 2007 1st Place – Kayi Cheung

I must admit, I, like many viewers & maybe Kayi as well, was shocked when #3 was announced as MHK’07. First of all, I really didn’t think anyone shined that night so I was rooting for my favs since the start, but Kayi was definitely not one of them. When the 16 candidates were presented, she was actually one of the girls who I thought didn’t stand a chance. Although I think it’s a little harsh to dub her a female WH or the worst MHK, I do somewhat agree that she doesn’t exactly rank in the beautiful category. I’ve kinda become neutral to her, since it was a while ago since I’ve seen the show. If I had blogged earlier, this post would be full of the words “omg, ugly, and disappointed.” However, now that whole feeling has already worn off and I feel bad for her as she has to withstand a bundle of criticism. After all, it wasn’t her fault (unless she used bribery); blame the judges! Kayi has handled herself well and she does probably look more pleasing offscreen. All in all, as long as she doesn’t rush into the acting-biz, I won’t feel any dislike towards her.

1st Runner Up – Grace Wong

Grace was not exactly what I’d call Photogenic. I was so surprised she won that award! Initially, I thought she was really not pleasing on the eyes, but a pretty good dancer. Her looks improved dramatically during the finals (lots of whitening facial i bet) and I think her smile and personality grabbed her all the awards as opposed to beauty and Q&A. She does seem friendly and that made me neutral to her (but the giggling which was a plus from me was probably a minus for the judges who seemed to be looking for a more mature MHK). It came to the point where I would have preferred Grace to win.

Loretta was one of my faves from the start. I never watched the World Singing Competition she participated in, but her singing in the interview show really did make her shine. Although she has a slight resemblance to Flora Chan, I think Loretta has a unique beauty as well. However, I don’t think any of her pictures does her justice, because her mouth always looks so big in the pix. She looks so much prettier onscreen (she has a sweet smile) and her height/figure really did convince me she should win (and all the guys at the interview liked her!). Well, I was kinda prepared for her being crowned third though because of her height (haha..ironic that being tall has its downsides). TVB seems to like to crown the tall girls 3rd so they can compete for Miss World/Universe, which is in a way understandable (but shouldn’t a pageant be: the best girl wins?). Though I would have loved it if Loretta won (because it seemed possible..though in my personal ranking she would have been 2nd), I’m glad she at least placed. I see a lot of opportunities for Loretta, acting and singing wise since she has the looks. I also believe that, though she looks mature, being at the young age of 19 really showed through during the night. Her answers and her constant uncertainty (her arm on her neck) might not have been qualities the judges found attractive.

Top 5-

Candice Chiu

Candice was my favorite from the start. I guess it was her doll-like face and the fact that she seemed so sweet (I loved her accent when she said “har kow siu mai” and the fact that she quieted everyone backstage). However, I knew she didn’t have the winner’s look (though she was #1 on my ranking), but she should have at least placed. I didn’t feel that the makeup was her best in the finals and I had a feeling something might have happened backstage to make her so nervous when she came out. She lost the confidence she had before and I think that was her pitfall. Truth is, I don’t think her losing out had much to do with Leung Siu Ling being her mom (not many of us even know who she is lol. Though I heard she was a really famous ATV actress back in the day along w/ Winnie Shum’s mom Li Ying) except that it might have interfered w/ her performance. Although I liked the way she talks, I think her blunt and short responses might not have sold well w/ the judges (she’s like a yes/no person w/ one word replies). After listening to her answers a second time, I actually thought Candice was very quick on her feet and witty, but it was the tone of her voice and the way she said things that didn’t make her answers as eloquent. I’m glad she made top 5 and felt she deserved to place in top 3 as well by her own abilities, not her Mom’s status. I have a feeling Candice will be signed by TVB. I hope to see her onscreen in the future, but her cute face might not get her too far (she might only be taking on cameo roles).

Mandy Wong

Mandy has a very plain looking face. I wouldn’t have minded if she had won and I actually would’ve rather she had been crowned as opposed to Kayi. I really didn’t see anything special from Mandy and she hardly stood out so I was shocked when she placed in top 5. However, when the last 3 candidates stood together, (due to candice’s bad makeup) Mandy did look like she had the winner’s look moreso than the other two. Despite her decent looks, her eyes kinda bothered me since it’s like one is slightly bigger than the other. Same as Candice, I have a feeling Mandy will be signed by TVB.

Hot Doors-

Nicole Lee and Lily Ho

Nicole really did not shine on the night of the finals. She was decent looking and I wouldn’t have minded if she was crowned. However, I think Nicole looked less pretty than usual on the final night and her answer didn’t stand out.

Lily did remind me of the Suki Tsui of this year. TVB has, unfortunately, taken a liking to her and we might be forced to watch her in upcoming series. Personally, I don’t find Lily attractive. I don’t think she’s ugly, but I really don’t see anything special either. I do believe her nervous shaking of the mic and her disporportioned figure cost her many points. When Lily was introduced early on, I remembered seeing her on an ATV show where college students traveled to China to study the lives of historical poets. I didn’t like her then (though she was depicted as a good girl who wanted to become independent) and didn’t like her during the pageant either (might have to do w/ the way she talks). I’m glad she didn’t win but was surprised she didn’t make top 8.

Notable Mention – Kendra Wong

Kendra was one of those girls that I wouldn’t have minded placing in top 3. She has a very plain face that reminded me of a Miss Vancouver from years ago (Tracy Wong Yuet Ming – a cameo at TVB for a while) and later on, I saw a slight resemblance to Linda Chung (though I don’t like Linda). I personally wanted Kendra to be 2nd runner up (#1 – Candice, #2 – Loretta, #3 – Kendra), but unfortunately she didn’t make it very far.

The Show

The show had a very Victoria Secret Show feel to it as many have mentioned. Though I thought the foreign lady pretending to hurry them was a bit ridiculous, I thought the show was pretty good overall. The stage was pretty, the music good, the performances decent. So all in all, it was pretty enjoyable. It was a change to see a Non-singer performance, but instead Raymond and Kate. I thought their dancing was alright (nice and short), but the lipsyncing didn’t sound too good (i always prefer live singing even if it’s not as good for some singers). One thing I did notice was that Kate has gotten incredibly skinny (I think she’d be a lot better off w/ a few more pounds on her; i really hate HK’s unhealthy view on what is a standard weight).

My favorite part of the show was when the previous MHK’s came out. They were all so pretty(the winners of course; i didn’t really think Carrie or Sharon were compared to the rest and Aimee looked Ok, but not amazing), even the one’s that usually aren’t (ie. Shirley, Anne, Kate, Tracy…no offense). I thought Sonija was stunning. It really does prove she is a big part of the MHK legacy (one of the prettiest). It’s a shame that Kate always seems to look good during MHK events, but not in series. (Haha, you would think TVB would make her look pretty all the time esp. when it’s possible)

Good Luck MHK!

Well, we must all move on in life and forget about criticizing this year’s winners. In contrast to what many feel, I actually thought this year’s contestants were of pretty good quality. There were a handful I liked or wouldn’t have minded winning as opposed to last year, where I didn’t have a single favorite. Also, this year’s overseas candidates as well as those educated outside of HK, spoke decent/fluent Cantonese, which was very different from the other years where girls who couldn’t even speak the language properly were finalists. Here I wish the MHKs of ’07 good luck at promoting Hong Kong and what ever they may choose to do!


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