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The Bachelor 10: Andessa August 11, 2007

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OMG!! I so fell in luv w/ Andy & Tessa from last season’s The Bachelor!! They’re such a happy couple!! I was so addicted to the show (mostly cuz of tess!) ..woohoo… hope the next season can live up to this one…but i much doubt it!! For those who don’t know.. Tessa’s 1/2 Polish & 1/2 Chinese (hence the exotic look lol) and her grandpa is rumored to be one of the richest men in HK (her mom’s last name is ‘Li’). Kinda upset abt the cancellation of the engagement a few weeks ago…hope all is good in Andessa-land tho!

*the new guy is ABC’s own McSteamy lol…. eric dane is so much hotter tho!


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