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Jason Chan & Him Law Fight to Film Dramas to Succeed March 2, 2010

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Jason is TVB’s rare “well educated” actors. Growing up in England, he has a degree in both ancient & modern China. He is also an Economics Master in the third top university in England, London University. He is also fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, English, French & Latin. With looks & the education, no wonder he’s a favorite with many “OL’s” (office ladies). Jason has always been free of rumours. He claims to always be fairly “stand-off”-ish when it comes to female counterparts. He says this is what he needs to work on the most. He explains: “Some people may think I am very shy, but in reality it takes me a while to warm up to people. But when filming, often times it’s required for lots of interaction with girls. I remember one time when filming with Macy Chan (陳美詩) for the “Series Presentation”, because of lack of communication & we needed to act as a couple, when it was time to film, I didn’t know whether to hug her waist or put my arm around her shoulder. Looking back at my performance…..It was bad!! Hopefully in the new year my acting will improve!” But Jason does have confidence when it comes to hosting. Currently in the process of filming Pearl Channel’s 《港生活港享受》, he can talk nonstop. He says: “On the contrary, maybe there might be less viewers on Pearl, but to me it’s a very good learning experience. I feel very comfortable being a host on Pearl. When it comes to big live shows, I get nervous. But I really need to thank the company for giving me so many oppurtunities. I can try many different types of jobs, hopefully I can continue to film series & host!”

There has always been the issue of the lack of actors, causing TVB to search from outside resources to “fill in the spaces”. Having taken part in the movies《阿嫂》、《跟蹤》and《一半海水,一半火焰》, Him Law is one of the fresh faced actors! From 2 years ago when first starting off in the television business, the first thing was from turning into a scrawny kid to having a 40″ chest, Him says: “Every day I lift weights for 2 hours, & sun bathe for 2 hours, hoping to give every one a more sunshine image!” His first series was 《尖子攻略》, running into brillant actor, Bobby Auyeung, & working with “TV King” Roger Kwok in 《古靈精探》, giving him the opportunity to learn alot. Him says: “I seem to be most “fated” with Bobby & Roger. Roger would teach me “the thinking of an actor”, don’t compare yourself to others, because this business can tolerate alot of people. Don’t be jealous of how good others have it, be yourself. He is also very willing to teach me acting.” Many “elders” have said filming series is a form of “training”, long hours, low salary, alot more work than making movies. In regards to this, Him says he can deal with it & even has high hopes for the television industry: “Filming the first series is the hardest, because you don’t know how to adapt. I’m used to it now.” He says he is now part of the anticipated series 《團圓》,He excitedly says: “Before I filmed for 《搜下留情》and did a stage production, now I’m busy filming for 《團圓》,I havent rested for more than half a year, but the busier I am, the happier. As of right now, my work is lined up til mid-year. (Do you have any confidence you’ll win “Most Improved Actor”?) I wish! I’ve been nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” before, hopefully I can have some kind of achievement in TV series!”

Credits: inlovewithu @ AF

Comments: Can I just say Him & Jason are two of my faves  from the up and coming guy actors! I love Him’s charmingly boyish/serious but fun aura and Jason’s dorkniess/suaveness not to mention his English accent! (dreamy!) I was surprised to see them in an article together! haha. I would love to see more of both in upcoming series! I also love how Jason has Kenneth’s dorkiness and Him (surprisingly) has Kenneth Ma’s (yesh i ❤ Kenneth!) ‘boring’/logical mindset (he wants to be a Benz Hui too! what a coincidence, totally didn’t expect it!). On a side note, Him is getting too manly buff looking, i want him to go back to his boyish look from Your Class or Mine. It’s nice to be fit, but I hope he doesn’t overdo it! 😀


2 Responses to “Jason Chan & Him Law Fight to Film Dramas to Succeed”

  1. carmen Says:

    wow, I didn’t know Jason also spoke French!!!
    He must be the most well educated in TVB!!! I want to see him in more TVB series!!

    PS…lol, I’m starting to notice that we like a lot of the same male artists….haha…but not Him Law for me…he’s okay, but I’m not interested in following his news…

    • bbfreak Says:

      Yeah, i would LOVE to see Jason in more series with a bigger role. I love his english accent lol. 😀 haha, that’s awesome! Who else do u like again, i keep forgetting? Aww… u dont like Him? haha , maybe he’s a little different from my regular “type” lol.

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