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Look-alikes: Bernice Liu and Candy Chang March 23, 2012

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After the recent airing of The Hippocratic Crush, I noticed an uncanny resemblance between Candy Chang and Bernice Liu. I remember seeing Candy on variety shows including All-Star Glam Exam as one of the Star Ladies. I thought she was pretty and a had a nice full figure; however, I didn’t notice her resemblance to Bernice then. Instead, I though she resembled an ATV actress who I don’t remember the name of.

Outwardly, both ladies possess a sweet smile and tall curvy figure. During certain scenes, the resemblance is very striking. Candy’s Gan Jing Jing is reminiscent of a more subtle geeky Bernice from Survivor’s Law. However, her white lab coat scenes reminds me of Bernice in Healing Hands III. While the resemblance is mostly physical, like Bernice, Candy’s acting is stiff and exaggerated at times. Although I like Bernice, the problem with her acting, despite her improvement over the years, particularly her Chinese, is that she underacts. She fails to captivate, which is a shame for someone who oozes with charisma off-screen. Despite having led several series, Bernice still hasn’t  found a signature role. Although I’m upset she’s no longer with TVB, seeking other opportunities may actually be better for her as she’s been remaining stagnant at TVB.

Shameless plug: I wish Bernice could film another series with Kenneth! They both profess to be single right now and have very traditional ideas about family!

While Candy appears to be a refreshing and promising young actress, I am afraid she may walk the same path as Bernice with regards to acting potential, and maybe with even less success. Do I foresee Candy leading? No. But she’ll probably get to the levels of Yoyo Chen (whom I think is awfully underrated). Blessed with a pretty face and a knack for foreign languages, Candy, like Bernice has the looks to pull off both the innocent geeky girl and the gorgeous seductress putting her at advantage. However, Candy is a little more awkward onscreen than Bernice who exhibits confidence, which is possibly due to her age (she’s so young, born in 1989!).

Besides the similarity in looks, both girls entered TVB through Miss Chinese International Contest, Bernice in 2001 (Winner) and Candy in 2010 (2nd RU).  In addition, both girls hail from Canada, Candy from Toronto and Bernice from Vancouver. I wish both girls the best of luck in their careers and hope they flourish!


One Response to “Look-alikes: Bernice Liu and Candy Chang”

  1. Dragon Princess Says:

    I think the ATV actress you are thinking of is Pinky Chu. I think Bernice and Candy look alike too!

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