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Features April 10, 2008

So, what recurring features do we have here at Star Plaza? Come find out…!

RECASTED Was there a series that you thought was pretty good in plot/storyline, but it just didn’t fare too well in ratings or reception? Why, do you think this happened? Would a cast change have helped boost its popularity? Here, we’ll examine who should have been casted to make such series more “audience friendly”

TVB GENERATIONSWho’s the next who? With the new generations rushing in and the older generation artists slowly leaving TVB, there seems to be much controversy over who will claim each other’s position. We’ll analyze who makes the most suitable replacement for the TVB fa dans and siusangs!

COMIC STRIPSMaking fun of you favorite TVB moments. Parodies on artists and their gossip!

MIRRORED FASHIONHave you ever walked into an event, thinking that you had on the hottest and most unique outfit, just to find out that someone else was wearing the exact same thing?! I’m sure many of us have had similar experiences. We not here to merely review who looked better in what, but to find out who’s been receiving hand-me-downs in TVB productions. Just can’t quite place where you’ve seen that outfit an actress/actor is wearing on screen before? Well, we’ll tell you.

FEATURED STARSWho do we have nice pictures of and who do we want to talk about. Why do we like/not like this person? As objective as we can, we’ll list both the pros and cons of the stars and then let you know why we like/dislike the particular artist!

REVIEWSSeries, Anniversaries, Reality Shows, Pageants,… We’ll let you know what’s naughty and what’s nice hot and what’s not!

COMPARISONSSo people change, our thoughts change, everything in this world is changing. So what I thought yesterday might not be what I’m thinking today. In this everchanging world, one second you may totally like an individual but despise them in the next moment, and vice versa. Here I’ll give my thoughts about the changes I’ve experienced with regards to series and celebrities!

You’re welcomed to email in suggestions about who & what you would like to see reviewed. Also, let us know if you spot any hand-me-downs used in TVB series by emailing us @ or by simply leaving a comment on this page! We love to hear suggestions! Be sure to make comments and replies to our entries… We love replies! 😛


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