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Frozen 为你钟情 January 23, 2011

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Starring: Janice Vidal, Janice Man, Aarif Lee, Siu Yam-Yam, Ti Lung, Wilfred Lau Ho-Lung,Alfred Cheung Kin-Ting, Leon Lai Ming, Tan Lap-Man, Matthew Chow Hoi-Kwong,Vincent Kok Tak-Chiu

Cute story, goodlooking people, beautiful music, what more could you ask for? I ended up enjoying Frozen way more than I expected. Yes, it’s corny and not the most unique movie, but it’s refreshing, sweet and light-hearted and does what a movie like this is suppose to do.

I loved the chemistry between the cast and all the comedy intertwined with a bitter-sweet romance. I really wished there were more scenes between Janice Vidal & her “fake” dad; they had such a close relationship (wish it had developed more), and I was upset they didn’t choose to show more of Janice Man with her dad.

The three main cast members proved to be refreshing. Janice V. was adorable, as the confused English-speaking protagonist while Janice M. gave a good performance as headstrong & wacky Monica. JM is indeed very pretty even in her old-school outfits. The big surprise for me was Aarif Lee, who I had never seen prior to this movie. Let’s just say I, like Monica, fell in love with him too! haha. Though not sporting the most complimentary hairstyle, Aarif managed to ooze with charisma. This handsome lad, is not only capable of looking pretty, but also commands the screen well, and he SINGS! (His voice is so much prettier than Leon’s which becomes very apparent near the end, when they switch from one to another)

I loved the flashbacks. I don’t usually find reckless teenagers sweet, but JM & Aarif had awesome chemistry and the remake of Leslie’s song totally helped. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside! haha. Also really liked the focus on the Boy London watch. In the end, I felt so bad for Papa JM. Poor man….

Never liked Leon before, but found him not so annoying and slightly likable in this movie. Nice seeing him try something different and grooming such likable newbies (now when will he bring Charles Ying back into the scene?) !

After watching this movie, which I highly recommend, I couldn’t stop watching and listening to Aarif. haha. Love his songs w/ Janice Vidal! I went on to watch his other movies (Echoes of the Rainbow & Bruce Lee, My Brother), which did not disappoint! Can’t wait for I Love Hong Kong (where he actually has a good hairstyle). He’ll be paired w/ Fala which should be interesting considering he’s younger than her (Aarif’s born in 1987 & Fala’s 1982) This charming boy will make it far if all goes as planned! (Hope he’ll be in a TVB series someday!)

Making of Frozen

Watch 3:24 for Aarif (apparently he’s very “old fashioned”)