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Recasted: Grace Under Fire May 17, 2011

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While watching Grace Under Fire, I suddenly came to the conclusion that Gillian Chung would be a comparable replacement for Liu Xuan’s Mok Gwai Lan. Both girls are petite and possess a certain fiery righteousness balanced by a degree of innocence. Since I’ve just seen some clips of Gillian in The Holy Pearl (with a similar dubbed voice), I saw the semblance in their facial expressions when performing certain scenes. As Ah Gil has expressed she wanted to be a “fight girl”, I felt she would have made a good Gwai Lan. While Liu Xuan’s gymnastics puts her at advantage, I feel that Gillian would do an equally good job. She can be both cute and sophisticated. It would also be refreshing to see Gillian in a TVB series, especially amongst a group of good actors. I can see her pairing with Bosco and being Kenneth’s little sister (since I love both Gillian & Kenneth, that would be awesome!) I thought Liu Xuan looked really nice with her makeup after marrying John, but I know Gillian would look stunning in the same make up and clothing, especially with all her hair up. However, I guess the series only requires one “gorgeous” girl, which in this case is Fala. (That may have been a little difficult to pull off if Gillian was pivoted alongside her, but I believe it would have worked nonetheless.)

I can completely see Gil playing the overly righteous protagonist that can be strong and, at times, annoying. Based on what the role requires, I believe she is capable of delivering it. As for Liu Xuan, she gave a decent performance, & she’s cute. I didn’t mind her, and her nose didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would (ok, I noticed it, but I can overlook it). The only things is, I can’t judge someone’s acting without hearing his/her real voice. I heard her speak in the trailer and would have preferred her original voice. Overall, I didn’t feel that Gwai Lan was as important nor as well developed as I expected. It’s both a good and bad thing. I’m glad that they didn’t concentrate completely on her, but I felt like her “love” for WFH and character development was underplayed.

So what do you think? Do you agree with this “Recast”, still prefer the original casting or do you have someone else in mind? Please leave a comment & share!

This picture reminds me of the ending themesong of Liu Xuan walking around an ancient town