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Recasted: The Season of Fate August 27, 2010

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For all those who have watched The Season of Fate, you would know that Vivien Yeo played Sussie/So Sze Wong Kam Fung – a money crazy woman who falls for Oscar Leung’s Yam Sing Tin. This was probably one of Vivien’s better performances (I’ve never liked her as an actress), and it helped that she had nice clothes & makeup. However, her incompatibility with Oscar Leung physically stuck out and made it hard to believe they had any chemistry. Since I like Oscar and believe he’s the better actor, I felt that we would have seen a better love story if  TVB had recasted Vivien with Yoyo Chen. Vivien has a tall stature that made her look like a giant next to Oscar, who I hope puts on some weight soon. On the other hand, Yoyo is shorter and thinner, making her look more compatible with the actor. This pair would have been refreshing as well. As for acting, I feel that Yoyo is the better actress and has been improving. Also, we have seen that Yoyo can play the role of a pretty but “bad” woman is plenty of series. It’s ironic that Yoyo was the first to come to mind when I thought of replacing Vivien since they both found recognition through TVB’s teen drama Sunshine Heartbeats. While Yoyo is older than Vivien, just as she played the youngest sister then, she still looks younger now. (Vivien – left; Yoyo – Right)

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