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Nathan Adrian – How is Ghar-Jun Little Pony? August 11, 2012

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Lochte & Phelps

Move over Phelps and Lochte, here comes ADRIAN!!!!

I’ve never been crazy about swimming, but it has always been one of the events I enjoyed watching, second to gymnastics of course. While I was terribly excited when Phelps came back to take the title of “Most Decorated Olympian,” the person that left me watching obsessively and going on swimming withdrawal was none other than Nathan Adrian. I pretty much had no idea who this 23-year old Cal Berkeley swimmer was until he appeared adorably in the USA swim team “Call Me Maybe” parody video (which btw was pretty darn awesome!) While I did not think he was all that hott when googling him, once I saw/heard him speak, I was done haha. (He’s a good looking guy, not perfect looking, but definitely his personality makes him more attractive) Not only does Nathan have the cutest smile (yes, that boy doesn’t even need to speak, all he needs to do is stand there and smile!), but he’s also surprisingly well-spoken and humble (which is more than I can say about the “I-don’t-speak” Phelps and the “Please-don’t-speak” Lochte). PS. Nathan, please don’t change!

So I shall proceed to write about how much we love this Team USA swimmer just so I can pack this post with pictures. (What I wrote originally did not save so 😦  I’ll have to summon my memory) Aside from his exotic display of gorgeousness and boyish charm (Yes, he’s half Chinese and Mama Adrian is from HK!), he is an amazingly good swimmer, sweeping pass the Missile by one one hundredth of a second in London during the 100-meter freestyle final and anchoring Phelps’ final race (among his many awesome accomplishments). While I was happy with the thought of some great eye candy, I was happily surprised by his impressive credentials and admire Nathan most for his dedication and respect for swimming. His attitude is a great representation of our country (don’t get me started on Lochte….no really).

So, Nathan is funny, irresistible, and pretty much perfect, and you know what? Apparently he’s single! Haha, though I have to admit, I don’t know how much truth to that there is. Phelps said he was single and then strutted out with a pretty girlfriend the next day. And even if he is, he could be like Mr. Lochte who has an affinity for one-night-stands (which Lochte now denies…sure). Either way, Nathan, don’t tell us! It’s TMI if you know what I mean. Somehow I have a feeling he won’t be single for long, but we hope he doesn’t get involved  in any scandalous activities; we want our US swimmers to make us proud (and to not teach kids to pee in the pool).

However, here is a shameless plug: We want more Adrevers! Yesh, Adrian-Grever Bromance. haha, the Olympic roomies are too adorable for words.

OMG, look at that smile ^, sorry I digress. I’m pretty sure Mr. Adrian is freaked out by all his crazy fangirls by now, and I mean there are ALOT, just check out tumblr. However, great as he is, we have one REALLY BIG QUESTION for Nathan:

How does your middle name Ghar-Jun mean Little Pony?!

Haha, I hope I don’t sound like a jerk; that is “totes” not the intention. Just really curious. I cannot tell if Nathan just made this up to sound cute (which I don’t think is the case) or if Mama Adrian misled this poor boy. Since I know Chinese (“Siu” is what Little is in Chinese, and I believe a pony is “Siu Ma” or little horse), I’m pretty sure that’s not what Ghar-Jun means (like many names there isn’t a definition with modern Cantonese) unless it’s some really retro term. Come on, we really want Mama A to clarify this for us! (Btw, Mama & Papa A are a pretty sweet looking couple!) Pony or not, we still adore you!

Nathan, keep making us proud!!! Team USA!

Now for things non-Adrian, so I was super elated to see Phelps make a comeback! And I’m also happy he knows what he wants at this moment and that there is more than swimming in life. I wish him happiness and all the best (not that my wishes are important at all haha).  I remember being confused during the Lochte vs. Phelps showdown, when I wanted Phelps to win so bad (maybe because I hate  seeing people fall from a high place), as I’ve never been awfully attracted to Phelps (and I’m a bit on the vain side, there I admitted it!)

So I decided to google Mr. Lochte, to see if I would like him more afterwards. And unfortunately, my dislike was being justified, with it getting worse by the click. Even if he doesn’t speak, I do not think he can be redeemed, EVER. To spare yourself, make sure you leave the room when he opens his mouth on TV. The sad thing is, I like dumb boys (as in silly, awkward, and says some endearing dumb things…adorkable, kinda like Adrian – who we know has a good head on his shoulders), but Lochte takes it to a new level. Just google him and all the things he says…and the way he says it (it comes off arrogant but stupid, and that’s being nice). Seriously, do we really want him representing USA, with his glitzy shoes, bling-of-century-grill and his professed views on women? (Because all the rest of the world will think about the USA are those things, along with “reality-tv” shipwrecks; I love reality TV though, but am shameful that its one of our signatures! ~coughsJerseyShorecoughs~) To give him credit, though, I laugh and yell at the TV every time I hear Lochte speak, which are the main ingredients of a good reality show. So, in that arena, he is very successful, but isn’t it sad you have to play dumb/jerk to get the fame? (or as he would say “All this stuff I do…. it represents Ryan Lochte”, which in that case, I’m not sure which is worse, it being an act or it being really him)