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Nathan Adrian – How is Ghar-Jun Little Pony? August 11, 2012

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Lochte & Phelps

Move over Phelps and Lochte, here comes ADRIAN!!!!

I’ve never been crazy about swimming, but it has always been one of the events I enjoyed watching, second to gymnastics of course. While I was terribly excited when Phelps came back to take the title of “Most Decorated Olympian,” the person that left me watching obsessively and going on swimming withdrawal was none other than Nathan Adrian. I pretty much had no idea who this 23-year old Cal Berkeley swimmer was until he appeared adorably in the USA swim team “Call Me Maybe” parody video (which btw was pretty darn awesome!) While I did not think he was all that hott when googling him, once I saw/heard him speak, I was done haha. (He’s a good looking guy, not perfect looking, but definitely his personality makes him more attractive) Not only does Nathan have the cutest smile (yes, that boy doesn’t even need to speak, all he needs to do is stand there and smile!), but he’s also surprisingly well-spoken and humble (which is more than I can say about the “I-don’t-speak” Phelps and the “Please-don’t-speak” Lochte). PS. Nathan, please don’t change!

So I shall proceed to write about how much we love this Team USA swimmer just so I can pack this post with pictures. (What I wrote originally did not save so 😦  I’ll have to summon my memory) Aside from his exotic display of gorgeousness and boyish charm (Yes, he’s half Chinese and Mama Adrian is from HK!), he is an amazingly good swimmer, sweeping pass the Missile by one one hundredth of a second in London during the 100-meter freestyle final and anchoring Phelps’ final race (among his many awesome accomplishments). While I was happy with the thought of some great eye candy, I was happily surprised by his impressive credentials and admire Nathan most for his dedication and respect for swimming. His attitude is a great representation of our country (don’t get me started on Lochte….no really).

So, Nathan is funny, irresistible, and pretty much perfect, and you know what? Apparently he’s single! Haha, though I have to admit, I don’t know how much truth to that there is. Phelps said he was single and then strutted out with a pretty girlfriend the next day. And even if he is, he could be like Mr. Lochte who has an affinity for one-night-stands (which Lochte now denies…sure). Either way, Nathan, don’t tell us! It’s TMI if you know what I mean. Somehow I have a feeling he won’t be single for long, but we hope he doesn’t get involved  in any scandalous activities; we want our US swimmers to make us proud (and to not teach kids to pee in the pool).

However, here is a shameless plug: We want more Adrevers! Yesh, Adrian-Grever Bromance. haha, the Olympic roomies are too adorable for words.

OMG, look at that smile ^, sorry I digress. I’m pretty sure Mr. Adrian is freaked out by all his crazy fangirls by now, and I mean there are ALOT, just check out tumblr. However, great as he is, we have one REALLY BIG QUESTION for Nathan:

How does your middle name Ghar-Jun mean Little Pony?!

Haha, I hope I don’t sound like a jerk; that is “totes” not the intention. Just really curious. I cannot tell if Nathan just made this up to sound cute (which I don’t think is the case) or if Mama Adrian misled this poor boy. Since I know Chinese (“Siu” is what Little is in Chinese, and I believe a pony is “Siu Ma” or little horse), I’m pretty sure that’s not what Ghar-Jun means (like many names there isn’t a definition with modern Cantonese) unless it’s some really retro term. Come on, we really want Mama A to clarify this for us! (Btw, Mama & Papa A are a pretty sweet looking couple!) Pony or not, we still adore you!

Nathan, keep making us proud!!! Team USA!

Now for things non-Adrian, so I was super elated to see Phelps make a comeback! And I’m also happy he knows what he wants at this moment and that there is more than swimming in life. I wish him happiness and all the best (not that my wishes are important at all haha).  I remember being confused during the Lochte vs. Phelps showdown, when I wanted Phelps to win so bad (maybe because I hate  seeing people fall from a high place), as I’ve never been awfully attracted to Phelps (and I’m a bit on the vain side, there I admitted it!)

So I decided to google Mr. Lochte, to see if I would like him more afterwards. And unfortunately, my dislike was being justified, with it getting worse by the click. Even if he doesn’t speak, I do not think he can be redeemed, EVER. To spare yourself, make sure you leave the room when he opens his mouth on TV. The sad thing is, I like dumb boys (as in silly, awkward, and says some endearing dumb things…adorkable, kinda like Adrian – who we know has a good head on his shoulders), but Lochte takes it to a new level. Just google him and all the things he says…and the way he says it (it comes off arrogant but stupid, and that’s being nice). Seriously, do we really want him representing USA, with his glitzy shoes, bling-of-century-grill and his professed views on women? (Because all the rest of the world will think about the USA are those things, along with “reality-tv” shipwrecks; I love reality TV though, but am shameful that its one of our signatures! ~coughsJerseyShorecoughs~) To give him credit, though, I laugh and yell at the TV every time I hear Lochte speak, which are the main ingredients of a good reality show. So, in that arena, he is very successful, but isn’t it sad you have to play dumb/jerk to get the fame? (or as he would say “All this stuff I do…. it represents Ryan Lochte”, which in that case, I’m not sure which is worse, it being an act or it being really him)



Look-alikes: Bernice Liu and Candy Chang March 23, 2012

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After the recent airing of The Hippocratic Crush, I noticed an uncanny resemblance between Candy Chang and Bernice Liu. I remember seeing Candy on variety shows including All-Star Glam Exam as one of the Star Ladies. I thought she was pretty and a had a nice full figure; however, I didn’t notice her resemblance to Bernice then. Instead, I though she resembled an ATV actress who I don’t remember the name of.

Outwardly, both ladies possess a sweet smile and tall curvy figure. During certain scenes, the resemblance is very striking. Candy’s Gan Jing Jing is reminiscent of a more subtle geeky Bernice from Survivor’s Law. However, her white lab coat scenes reminds me of Bernice in Healing Hands III. While the resemblance is mostly physical, like Bernice, Candy’s acting is stiff and exaggerated at times. Although I like Bernice, the problem with her acting, despite her improvement over the years, particularly her Chinese, is that she underacts. She fails to captivate, which is a shame for someone who oozes with charisma off-screen. Despite having led several series, Bernice still hasn’t  found a signature role. Although I’m upset she’s no longer with TVB, seeking other opportunities may actually be better for her as she’s been remaining stagnant at TVB.

Shameless plug: I wish Bernice could film another series with Kenneth! They both profess to be single right now and have very traditional ideas about family!

While Candy appears to be a refreshing and promising young actress, I am afraid she may walk the same path as Bernice with regards to acting potential, and maybe with even less success. Do I foresee Candy leading? No. But she’ll probably get to the levels of Yoyo Chen (whom I think is awfully underrated). Blessed with a pretty face and a knack for foreign languages, Candy, like Bernice has the looks to pull off both the innocent geeky girl and the gorgeous seductress putting her at advantage. However, Candy is a little more awkward onscreen than Bernice who exhibits confidence, which is possibly due to her age (she’s so young, born in 1989!).

Besides the similarity in looks, both girls entered TVB through Miss Chinese International Contest, Bernice in 2001 (Winner) and Candy in 2010 (2nd RU).  In addition, both girls hail from Canada, Candy from Toronto and Bernice from Vancouver. I wish both girls the best of luck in their careers and hope they flourish!


2011 in review January 1, 2012

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,600 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


Recasted: Grace Under Fire May 17, 2011

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While watching Grace Under Fire, I suddenly came to the conclusion that Gillian Chung would be a comparable replacement for Liu Xuan’s Mok Gwai Lan. Both girls are petite and possess a certain fiery righteousness balanced by a degree of innocence. Since I’ve just seen some clips of Gillian in The Holy Pearl (with a similar dubbed voice), I saw the semblance in their facial expressions when performing certain scenes. As Ah Gil has expressed she wanted to be a “fight girl”, I felt she would have made a good Gwai Lan. While Liu Xuan’s gymnastics puts her at advantage, I feel that Gillian would do an equally good job. She can be both cute and sophisticated. It would also be refreshing to see Gillian in a TVB series, especially amongst a group of good actors. I can see her pairing with Bosco and being Kenneth’s little sister (since I love both Gillian & Kenneth, that would be awesome!) I thought Liu Xuan looked really nice with her makeup after marrying John, but I know Gillian would look stunning in the same make up and clothing, especially with all her hair up. However, I guess the series only requires one “gorgeous” girl, which in this case is Fala. (That may have been a little difficult to pull off if Gillian was pivoted alongside her, but I believe it would have worked nonetheless.)

I can completely see Gil playing the overly righteous protagonist that can be strong and, at times, annoying. Based on what the role requires, I believe she is capable of delivering it. As for Liu Xuan, she gave a decent performance, & she’s cute. I didn’t mind her, and her nose didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would (ok, I noticed it, but I can overlook it). The only things is, I can’t judge someone’s acting without hearing his/her real voice. I heard her speak in the trailer and would have preferred her original voice. Overall, I didn’t feel that Gwai Lan was as important nor as well developed as I expected. It’s both a good and bad thing. I’m glad that they didn’t concentrate completely on her, but I felt like her “love” for WFH and character development was underplayed.

So what do you think? Do you agree with this “Recast”, still prefer the original casting or do you have someone else in mind? Please leave a comment & share!

This picture reminds me of the ending themesong of Liu Xuan walking around an ancient town


Frozen 为你钟情 January 23, 2011

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Starring: Janice Vidal, Janice Man, Aarif Lee, Siu Yam-Yam, Ti Lung, Wilfred Lau Ho-Lung,Alfred Cheung Kin-Ting, Leon Lai Ming, Tan Lap-Man, Matthew Chow Hoi-Kwong,Vincent Kok Tak-Chiu

Cute story, goodlooking people, beautiful music, what more could you ask for? I ended up enjoying Frozen way more than I expected. Yes, it’s corny and not the most unique movie, but it’s refreshing, sweet and light-hearted and does what a movie like this is suppose to do.

I loved the chemistry between the cast and all the comedy intertwined with a bitter-sweet romance. I really wished there were more scenes between Janice Vidal & her “fake” dad; they had such a close relationship (wish it had developed more), and I was upset they didn’t choose to show more of Janice Man with her dad.

The three main cast members proved to be refreshing. Janice V. was adorable, as the confused English-speaking protagonist while Janice M. gave a good performance as headstrong & wacky Monica. JM is indeed very pretty even in her old-school outfits. The big surprise for me was Aarif Lee, who I had never seen prior to this movie. Let’s just say I, like Monica, fell in love with him too! haha. Though not sporting the most complimentary hairstyle, Aarif managed to ooze with charisma. This handsome lad, is not only capable of looking pretty, but also commands the screen well, and he SINGS! (His voice is so much prettier than Leon’s which becomes very apparent near the end, when they switch from one to another)

I loved the flashbacks. I don’t usually find reckless teenagers sweet, but JM & Aarif had awesome chemistry and the remake of Leslie’s song totally helped. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside! haha. Also really liked the focus on the Boy London watch. In the end, I felt so bad for Papa JM. Poor man….

Never liked Leon before, but found him not so annoying and slightly likable in this movie. Nice seeing him try something different and grooming such likable newbies (now when will he bring Charles Ying back into the scene?) !

After watching this movie, which I highly recommend, I couldn’t stop watching and listening to Aarif. haha. Love his songs w/ Janice Vidal! I went on to watch his other movies (Echoes of the Rainbow & Bruce Lee, My Brother), which did not disappoint! Can’t wait for I Love Hong Kong (where he actually has a good hairstyle). He’ll be paired w/ Fala which should be interesting considering he’s younger than her (Aarif’s born in 1987 & Fala’s 1982) This charming boy will make it far if all goes as planned! (Hope he’ll be in a TVB series someday!)

Making of Frozen

Watch 3:24 for Aarif (apparently he’s very “old fashioned”)


Recasted: The Season of Fate August 27, 2010

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For all those who have watched The Season of Fate, you would know that Vivien Yeo played Sussie/So Sze Wong Kam Fung – a money crazy woman who falls for Oscar Leung’s Yam Sing Tin. This was probably one of Vivien’s better performances (I’ve never liked her as an actress), and it helped that she had nice clothes & makeup. However, her incompatibility with Oscar Leung physically stuck out and made it hard to believe they had any chemistry. Since I like Oscar and believe he’s the better actor, I felt that we would have seen a better love story if  TVB had recasted Vivien with Yoyo Chen. Vivien has a tall stature that made her look like a giant next to Oscar, who I hope puts on some weight soon. On the other hand, Yoyo is shorter and thinner, making her look more compatible with the actor. This pair would have been refreshing as well. As for acting, I feel that Yoyo is the better actress and has been improving. Also, we have seen that Yoyo can play the role of a pretty but “bad” woman is plenty of series. It’s ironic that Yoyo was the first to come to mind when I thought of replacing Vivien since they both found recognition through TVB’s teen drama Sunshine Heartbeats. While Yoyo is older than Vivien, just as she played the youngest sister then, she still looks younger now. (Vivien – left; Yoyo – Right)

Note: Randomly found an Oscar-Yoyo pic at


Mr. Hong Kong 2010 – The One and Only August 23, 2010

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With the first 5-award sweep of  Mr. Hong Kong history, Mr. Hong Kong 2010 winner William Chak certainly brought viewers a delightful surprise. Considering that last year’s show was a complete flop with less-than desirable contestants (especially after 2008’s great success), this year’s show faired much better. Due to the changes in the show’s format this year, it was obvious that once William received one award, he would take home the prize as well….deservingly might I add. Standing at 5’10”, the 25-year old champion had also taken 2nd-place in the 2005 Mr. Asia Contest organized by ATV. His experience, and not to mention good looks made him the hot favorite. Although he was my pick since the beginning, I worried that his involvement w/ ATV would cause TVB to rob him of 1st place. However, I guess TVB did not want to risk another corruption allegation, and what a wise choice they made not to interfere; honestly, no one would believe it if William did not win and TVB was smart not to mess with women’s hearts (lol.)!

My picks: William Chak, William Chak….and William Chak! haha.  I thought #4 Angus, #9 Argus, and #2 Li Yangong were also ok.

So how was the show? And how did William snatch all those awards? Well, if you watched it, you would know. lol. The show felt short and there were no crazy touching of the contestants (I guess they had to tone down the show due to complaints :-/ People in HK complain about everything!!) and it was less concentrated on the judges and more on the contests, a good and bad thing. I guess aside from the winner being my choice, there wasn’t really anything so great about this year’s show. The hosts didn’t really do much. I expected it to be better w/ Christine Ng there, but it was great having her as a host anyways. Did they need all 5 of them? No. But it didn’t hurt the show, so oh well. As for 3-D, it really didn’t apply me, but I only wonder if you get in free for the movie theaters cuz why would anyone pay to watch it in 3D when they can watch it at home for free? (Besides I saw guys there when they interviewed the movie goers, haha.)

The greatest quote of the night goes to Ana R. for her “He’s pocket-size.” That was hilarious; I seriously cannot think of another reason why #3 was on this show aside from being entertainment. He’s so tiny and thin (gosh he weights only 124 lb at 5’6″, that makes me feel fat). I did enjoy pointing at him and screaming ‘pocket size’ every time he was on screen!

I absolutely HATED #8 Summer. He came off as arrogant and has such an evil face.  Felt bad for #7 who got only 3 votes in the swimwear part, but seriously, he was weird-looking. #2 with his Mandarin accent & tall build was ok but he totally screwed up the last part of his mask-changing bit. Also, doesn’t #6 look like past Mr.HK hopeful Billy Kong and some other TVB cameo?

#4 Angus (I keep thinking of the burger; like really, was that what you had in mind? Women thinking of a big juicy burger when they see u? lol) was kind of cute, but was too short and looked like a mini-but-buff Matthew Ko. Like Aureliano from last year, probably was in the press too much (well I figured this from his facebook pix w/ all those girls) and it hurt him a little. I for one got the impression that he’s a playboy and flaunts it (eg. through the photos). Not to say the other guys are any better (maybe they’re just careful), but at least it gives you hope that they may be better.

#9 Argus, the 18-year old was surprisingly cute. His face is so black though and he’s not the best looking, but his shyness won over the ladies! I loved how Dodo stood up to protect him and how the girls made fun of him. He was definitely the Joey Law of this year, just not as handsome nor as calm. Argus (gosh where do these names come from?) was so nervous; I seriously wonder if his Mom made him go!

And now for the man of the hour, William Chak Wai Lim. Can I just call him that, Wai Lim? It sounds so cute and so much better than William which makes me think of William Chan (ugh.). His last name is so unique too. Notice all the pictures are of him? Well, since he won all the awards, he’s the One and Only (lol. also he’s such a cutie). After watching the show, I realized he was nothing like what I expected. From his initial pictures, I thought he was cute and probably smug. However, during the show, he came off as confident, humble and grateful. He was also eloquent, which was totally unexpected. I was also surprised that he didn’t take every chance to flash his killer smile and eyes (like Stephen Hyunh did), which makes him the cutest. Actually, he looked less cute during the show than in pictures for this very reason. While I liked William, deep down inside I question his sincerity. He’s just so smooth and says all the right things, it’s hard not to wonder if he’s just playing the game right. Like how serious he looked when they were scoring and how  he looked like he was thanking God for his winning. Well, who cares, as long as he’s cute! (Is it me, or is he rather hairy compared to the other guys 😉 )

Honestly, with his looks and the quality of the competition, he really didn’t need much to win. All he had to do was stand there, look cute, speak normally and not sound stupid (and maybe even that would be excusable). Instead though, he actually had a “talent” (dancing) and answered his questions well. He was quick and didn’t hesitate when answering, but did not come off arrogant. The only weird thing I noticed was that he only had one style of walking around the stage, always putting his fist in the air (as pictured in the 2nd row of pix; it was awkwardly funny). Quick note, I must praise this year’s contestants for all trying to perform a “talent” and no one did “catwalking” or flexing.

I was upset that we didn’t get to see the funny side of William or much personality during the show. From his answers in his profile (like about Handelababy) and some pictures, I can see he has a nice sense of humor. (You can read the translation here @ He came off so serious though, but I guess he’s probably quirky too (me like me like)! I also like how he admitted to joining the pageant because he wanted to earn money. I guess you can’t make much as a translator and I really don’t know how big the market for that is. I’m assuming he translates Japanese? In the end, I guess pimping out his good looks was the only viable way he could make money lol. (I don’t think I’d like guys that make a career out of pageants but considering it took him 5 years in between,  I guess he tried to make do and it didn’t amount to much.)

As for who he resembles, I say Michael Miu x Ron Ng (young Ron w/ similar hair especially his main pic) x Andrew Yuen (ATV – just google him, but William is cuter & younger) and maybe a little of Carl Ng Ka Lung (but way better looking – Carl annoys me w/ his arrogance). Despite how deserving William is, my all time favorite Mr. Hong Kong winner is still ’08’s Michael Tsu. Also loved how ’08’s Alan Wan danced during the performance – too bad he was in the back!

With all that said, I wish the best of luck to our Mr. Hong Kong William Chak, may his career shine brightly! Hopefully we’ll see him in some TVB series!